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We’ve teamed up with Salesforce.org to cover Dreamforce 2017, San Francisco’s biggest annual convention and the world’s largest nonprofit technology conference, taking place November 6-9. This year we will be covering key global issues from the conference including education, workforce development, and impact – through engaging discussions with thought leaders on the front lines of social change. Stay tuned for live Facebook interviews as well.

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As Demand for Tech Skills Surges, Is College Really Right for All?

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Philanthropy and the Impact Revolution
Philanthropy has reached an “impact tipping point” and none too soon. On one side of the “leading with impact” divide is the learning-first sector, one where organizations are becoming empowered to track and monitor their results real-time and seamlessly share and learn best practices from similar initiatives.

Innovation & Technology

How Technology Can Empower At-Risk Students Before It’s Too Late
An overarching theme of the recent Dreamforce conference in San Francisco is that cloud computing can be harnessed to accelerate social good.

One of the fields in which technology can make a huge difference is in education, from pre-school to technical education.

Innovation & Technology

How Nonprofits Harness Artificial Intelligence to Make a Better World
The idea of access to artificial intelligence (often referred to as “AI” for short) for all is still at a nascent stage. Nevertheless, its potential is limitless – from refugee assistance, to helping students at risk of not completing school, to shortening the response time for teens who are in a personal crisis. During the recent Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, several nonprofit leaders discussed how the use of artificial intelligence and other technologies, such as machine learning, can dramatically improve lives – including those of many who live in the most underserved communities.

Sustainable Development Goals

How to Run With the Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, also known as the Global Goals) are not just for the environmental or social impact sector. In fact, they are designed for everyone as they can serve as inspiration for every person, company and NGO that seeks to do their part to transform our world. The SDGs apply to government and the private sector, cities and rural areas, and while they may at first seem tailored for emerging economies and the developing world, the SDGs are also relevant to the world’s more industrialized and wealthier societies.

Diversity & Inclusion

How Women Leaders in Technology Transform the Non-Profit World
In recent years, the nonprofit sector has witnessed more women ascending to technology management positions. These leaders are on the front lines of discussions on management and employee engagement. And at a time when many organizations are shifting to a social enterprise model, technology remains central to NGOs’ missions.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

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