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At Comcast NBCUniversal, we believe we are at our best when we are working to educate, entertain and empower people and communities. This is why we focus year-round on building meaningful connections to the communities we serve across our company.

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Social Impact & Volunteering

Comcast Cares Day Service by – and for – Those Who Serve

Innovation & Technology

Taking Command: Veteran Entrepreneurs Lead a Wave of Innovation
Bunker Labs is a startup accelerator supporting veteran entrepreneurs. Founded in 2014 in Chicago, Bunker Labs has grown to 17 locations nationwide. At Comcast NBCUniversal, we recognized the potential impact of Bunker Labs early on and became its first corporate sponsor in 2015. In 2017, we signed a three-year extension of our partnership.

“Comcast NBCUniversal’s support of Bunker Labs was kind of a lightning rod for the community in the sense that it attracted more attention and brought out more opportunities, and more resources, and allowed us to be able to support the entrepreneurs in a more comprehensive way,” said Bunker Labs Minneapolis Executive Director Tim O’Neil.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

In Our Ranks
We were honored to receive the 2017 Secretary of Defense Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Freedom Award. Nominations of employers can be made only by Guard and Reserve employees or a family member acting on their behalf. In 2017, Comcast NBCUniversal received more than 30 individual nominations.

Many unique service members have joined our ranks at Comcast NBCUniversal. Each military employee brings distinct experiences and skill sets from his or her service. Jeff Tzeng, Sabrina Spirito, and Ernest Easter are just three of the military employees who inspire and lead by example daily.

Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting Our Military Community
In 2012, we pledged to hire 2,000 veterans by 2015, and in 2015, we pledged to hire 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. We surpassed both goals, and since 2010 we’ve added more than 15,000 veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses to the Comcast NBCUniversal family. Our success has led us to expand our hiring and outreach efforts.

We know that supporting our military community takes more than employment alone. We’re using our resources and reach to foster nationwide partnerships that empower the military community, and embracing volunteer service opportunities to support the efforts of many veterans and military-related nonprofit organizations.

Media & Communications

Owned, Operated – and Committed
NBC and Telemundo owned stations are deeply rooted in the communities they serve. With efforts that include nationwide awareness campaigns focused on helping teachers and students in need and annual health fairs that attract thousands of people and deliver vital preventive health screenings and services, the NBC and Telemundo stations are invested in creating long-term good.

Media & Communications

Meet the Next Wave of Political Storytelling
Meet the Press didn’t just shape political journalism on TV. It invented it. So it shouldn’t have surprised anyone when Meet the Press celebrated its 70th anniversary by creating something new.

In November 2017, Comcast NBCUniversal provided philanthropic support to the nonprofit American Film Institute to launch the Meet the Press Film Festival in Washington, DC. Sixteen short-form documentaries explored different untold stories of American civic and political life. Produced by filmmakers across the country, the documentaries covered topics that included the opioid epidemic in small towns across America, prisoner reform, freedom of the press, and the fate of undocumented immigrant workers.

Media & Communications

Voices Carry: The Hidden Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement
As a global media and technology leader, we embrace the opportunity to educate our audiences and inspire conversations about issues that matter. Our resources and reach also allow us to dig deeper and unearth personal stories that add context and meaning to our understanding of the world. With Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, we’re carrying these stories forward for everyone to hear.

Media & Communications

Using Our Platforms to Inform and Inspire
Comcast NBCUniversal has some of the world’s most vibrant and far-reaching storytelling platforms across television, film, digital, and mobile. Our entertainment divisions produce award-winning content that delights, educates, and sparks important conversations. Millions of viewers trust our news organizations each day to provide timely, accurate information about current events.

We understand the responsibility these platforms afford — and we use them every day to shed light on the critical issues that shape our world.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Opening Rooms, Rides, and Hearts with Tech
After you are evacuated from your home, where do you go? In September 2017, that question was on many minds as people in Florida tried to escape the path of Hurricane Irma. But for our affected employees, their co-workers had an answer.

Our teams in nearby Atlanta collaborated to create an internal digital listing of homes for rent for the Comcast NBCUniversal family. Those with living space to share could list their homes as options for their teammates in need.

These tech-driven solutions ensure that our employees can get the support they need in trying times. But more than that, the connections exemplify the deep personal bonds within Comcast NBCUniversal and the problem-solving spirit of our people.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Rising to the Challenge – the Comcast NBCUniversal Family
Rising floodwaters. Hurricane-force winds. Rapidly spreading wildfires. These catastrophes all share one thing: they test the spirit. Throughout our entire Comcast NBCUniversal family, stories of selfless service and compassion have emerged from the recovery efforts. Our employees have an inclination toward action, so these are only a few of the hundreds of incredible examples of how we are Comcast strong.

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