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CLP values innovation, science and technology to move towards a more sustainable energy future.

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A Throwaway Society That's Full to Overflowing
Hong Kong is still a throwaway society, despite a growing environment awareness in recent years. Every day – shockingly – the city generates enough municipal solid waste to fill four Olympic-sized swimming pools. Waste management is an increasing hot topic as Hong Kong’s three landfill sites stay on course to reach their capacity within a few years. As a result of insufficient waste...
Feb 8, 2021 8:15 AM ET
Dazzling Solutions for a Sunnier Future
Coming up with a bright, innovative idea is hard enough. Breaking through with that idea and making it a reality can be harder still. That has been the experience of the solar industry in China. With a decline of state subsidies in recent years, tapping the potential of solar power stations to increase their capacity and efficiency to compensate for the reduction in subsidies has been a...
Feb 4, 2021 8:15 AM ET
'Ghost Brands' Deliver a Spirited Performance During Pandemic
Hong Kong’s restaurants haven’t had it easy over the past year with the pandemic battering business and sending customer numbers plunging as people stay at home. The very notion of opening a new restaurant in such a climate might seem insane – but there is one model of restaurant that has succeeded in the downturn because it involves no rent, no shop front, no dine-in areas, and no...
Feb 3, 2021 4:00 AM ET
Transform Your Properties Into Smart, Sustainable Buildings
Smart buildings utilise a wide range of technologies and solutions to benefit users and deliver efficiencies to building managers. Providers of smart building solutions have evolved beyond traditional Building Management Systems (BMS), and property owners incorporating innovative technologies have more potential to benefit from higher commercial value. Opportunities to complement existing BMS...
Sep 2, 2020 8:30 PM ET
Renewable Energy Powers Low-Carbon Future for Communities
To help communities in Hong Kong and Australia build a low-carbon future, businesses in the CLP Group are offering a growing range of clean energy options for customers. As highlighted in CLP’s Sustainability Report, customers have been responding positively. In Hong Kong,...
Jun 12, 2020 8:15 AM ET


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