BSR Conference 2020: Meet the Moment. Build the Future.

BSR is committed to meeting the moment, and there has never been a more important time for your business to address the complex global challenges of today’s new business landscape. Take your networking to the next level with our global virtual networking program, where participants can connect with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, civil society, government, and academia on today's biggest sustainability challenges.

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Events, Media & Communications

Building the Future Starts Now: Reflections from BSR Conference 2020
The BSR20 Conference aimed to help the sustainable business community see our changing world more clearly. Here are four takeaways from the event on how to meet the moment and build the future.

Health & Healthcare

Meeting the Moment for Healthcare: Q&A With Phil Thomson, President, Global Affairs, GSK
BSR connected with Phil Thomson, President, Global Affairs at GSK, ahead of BSR Conference 2020 on what business, particularly the healthcare industry, should do to meet the current moment and build a more equitable, sustainable future.


Meeting the Moment for Climate Action: Q&A With Maria Mendiluce, CEO, We Mean Business Coalition
BSR connects with Maria Mendiluce, CEO of the We Mean Business coalition, ahead of BSR Conference 2020 to learn more about what she thinks is needed from business to meet the current moment and build a more equitable and sustainable future.

Events, Media & Communications

NAACP and UNGC Join the BSR20 Lineup
BSR is honored to welcome the NAACP’s Derrick Johnson and the UN Global Compact’s Sanda Ojiambo to the BSR20 plenary lineup.

Events, Media & Communications

Verizon, Google, and FT's Moral Money at BSR20
When you register for BSR20, you’re signing up to hear from some of the greatest leaders in sustainability. In just a few short weeks, tune in to learn from Verizon's Rose Stuckey Kirk, Google’s human rights and public affairs experts Kent Walker and Alex Walden, and co-founder of FT’s Moral Money Gillian Tett.

Events, Media & Communications

Five Ways to Network at BSR20, Plus ACLU and Unilever Join the Lineup
The networking opportunities at BSR Conference are unparalleled—we hear this every year, and BSR20 won’t be any different. Our top five ways to connect at BSR20 will help you make meaningful connections with our community of global leaders.

Events, Media & Communications

BSR20 Best Rates Extended Through Friday
Did you miss the news last week that the best rates for BSR20 expired on Friday? If so—we’ve got you covered.

Events, Media & Communications

BSR20 Best Rates End Tomorrow. Will You Join Us for These Sessions?
The BSR Conference is less than six weeks away. As you’ve come to expect, our plenaries, breakout sessions, and virtual networking opportunities are all designed to bolster our collective efforts to build a better future.

Events, Media & Communications

Hear from BP, GSK, and Pernod Ricard at BSR20
BSR20's plenary lineup is growing and will cover some of today’s most talked about issues: from preparing for the next pandemic to purpose-based budgeting.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Three Leaders You Need to Hear From at BSR20
Leaders from Kering, Ford Foundation, and ITUC will deliver keynote addresses at the virtual BSR Conference 2020.

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