BSR Conference 2013: The Power of Networks

The BSR Conference 2013 brought together nearly 1,000 leaders in business and sustainability from around the world to share, learn, and network for a more sustainable future. From November 5-8 in San Francisco, speakers and participants explored how to use "The Power of Networks" for good. Highlights from the event can be found below and at These include:

  • The big picture: Our Storify stream offers a curated look at the social media and video coverage of the Conference. 
  • Plenary videos: Our full videos of plenary-level speakers are rolling out in the coming weeks, including Danny Kennedy of Sungevity, David Steiner of Waste Management, and Oliver Niedermaier of Tau Investment Management.
  • Executive summaries of breakout sessions: For each breakout session, we have published summaries, including key takeaways and notable quotes.
  • Blogs: BSR writers offered up their views on the major themes of the Conference, which included sustainability storytelling, the need for a human-focused approach, and the future of sustainable business
  • Video interviews with speakers and attendees: This year, we collaborated with 3BL Media to ask speakers, including climate justice leader Mary Robinson, Patagonia's Rick Ridgeway, Free Range's Jonah Sachs, and more, about the "Power of Networks." See all videos, as they roll out one per day in the coming weeks, below.

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Events, Media & Communications

BSR Conference 2013 – Networks and Stories: Jonah Sachs, CEO, Free Range Studios

Events, Media & Communications

BSR Conference 2013 – Networks as Partnerships: Rick Ridgeway, VP Environmental Affairs, Patagonia

Events, Media & Communications

BSR Conference 2013 – Storytelling and Business: Jonah Sachs, CEO, Free Range Studios

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