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How do we connect a world of 7 billion without inhibiting our natural environment's ability to support us? It is a daunting, exciting and critical challenge, and we are working hard toward meeting it every day. - See more at:

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AT&T Expands Its Renewable Energy Program With NextEra Energy Resources
To celebrate today’s Global Wind Day, AT&T is expanding its renewable energy program with NextEra Energy Resources. Together, AT&T and subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources will help to deliver clean energy, create jobs, boost the local economy and support a low-carbon economy.


Empowering a California Asparagus Farmer to Conserve Water Through IoT Connectivity
Being an organic farmer can be challenging. Farmers are faced with constant pricing pressures from conventional competitors and, in places like California, water limitations and labor shortages also can be an obstacle. That’s why many organic farmers are looking for solutions to help them be more innovative and efficient in growing their crops.


Harnessing the Power of Wind
As one of the world’s largest companies, we know that how we source our energy is important. That’s why AT&T has been working across our company and the industry on renewable energy projects that deliver for both our business and the environment. This week, we announced our purchase of 520 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy, through 2 agreements with subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources. 220 MW of power will come from the Minco V Wind Farm located in Caddo County, Oklahoma. 300 MW will come from a wind farm in Webb and Duval Counties in Texas.


AT&T Announces One of the Largest Corporate Renewable Energy Purchases; Signs on to Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles
AT&T will purchase 520 megawatts (MW) of wind power through 2 agreements with subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources, the world’s largest operator of renewable energy projects. Together, these deals constitute one of the largest corporate renewable energy purchases in the U.S.* It’s also a key component of our goal to develop and leverage technology solutions that enable carbon savings 10 times the footprint of our operations by 2025.


A Smart Cities Summer: A Conversation with EDF Climate Corps Fellow Maham Masood Sadiq
As our cities integrate technology into their infrastructure and become more intelligent, a clear pattern is starting to emerge. The benefits of connectivity are helping to improve people’s lives and protect the environment. From conserving water to solutions that alert us to rush-hour traffic delays, Smart Cities technology represents a vision of a healthier, safer future that is more attainable than ever.

Diversity & Inclusion

VIDEO: Innovation, Education and Bringing a New Experience to the Blind


Using Connected Solutions to Tackle the Biggest Urban Challenges
AT&T is teaming up with companies to deploy innovative connected solutions to tackle some of the biggest urban challenges to create "smart" cities across the country.


Connecting Cities to be Cleaner, Safer and Stronger
AT&T is teaming up with companies to deploy innovative solutions throughout cities, making them “smarter.” We’re also developing connected solutions to help cities improve the way they use resources and take care of their citizens. But what if we could use the efficiencies created by this technological revolution to understand a city’s environmental impact — and improve it?

Responsible Production & Consumption

What Do Shipping Pallets Have to Do with Reducing Carbon Emissions?
Yesterday, AT&T launched its 2016 Sustainability Report. This report captures progress toward several initiatives, including our goal to enable carbon reduction 10x the footprint of our operations by 2025.

Research, Reports & Publications

AT&T Releases 2016 Annual Sustainability Update: A Letter from our Chairman and CEO
Since our start, AT&T has been about one thing: harnessing the power of our network to change lives and improve the world. And just as our network technology has gotten better over the years, so has our ability to address some of society’s toughest challenges.

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