Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024: The Sipping Spectrum

As conscious consumers experiment with their ABVs, innovative offerings are redefining NoLo serves as key to creating, not compromising, the future cocktail experience.
Jan 11, 2024 8:30 AM ET
The Sipping spectrum infographic

Originally published in the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report

It's the start of a new year with consumers embracing Dry January -- or more like Dry-ish January as trends shows people want choices to partake in alcohol sometimes, lower alcohol on others and non-alc, but elevated, drinks for other moments. 

The Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024 shows a growing popularity in a new approach to moderation – The Sipping Spectrum – where NoLo moments become synonymous with choice, quality, flavor and forging social connections.

The NoLo sector is expanding upward and outward. Mintel predicts the global market is set to grow by 67% to $359M by 2026, far outpacing traditional alcohol’s volume growth. Non-alcoholic offerings may have previously been reserved for moderate months or sober occasions, but consumers are now harnessing a flexitarian approach to their consumption – making the choice that is right for them, whenever and wherever they see fit.

Research from IWSR illustrates this flexible future in action, reporting that approximately one quarter of global consumers plan on drinking more lower or non-alcoholic drinks year round.4

The drive is leading to innovative and elevated offerings in the sector, as drinks brands look to blends, ingredients and processes that signpost the flavor of non-alcoholic serves rather than “free-from.” The MARTINI® Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo range is a key example – providing drinkers with a refresh, rather than a replacement, of the brand’s vermouth. Flavors are exclusive to the non-alcoholic category, with Floreale boasting notes of Roman chamomile and Vibrante displaying delicate citrus aromas – ideal for lowering the alcohol content in classic vermouth cocktails like the Sbagliato and Americano.

Signaling the demand and influence of the category, in 2023 the MARTINI Floreale Non Alcoholic Aperitivo was awarded the Best New Spirit at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. This marked the second consecutive win of a non-alcoholic drink in the category and is a sign of acceptance of this sector by the best bartenders in the world.

The Bacardi Global Consumer Survey reveals how consumers are exploring the spectrum of non-alcoholic options, without the rulebook. Despite a slight stagnation in Dry January, consumers are seeking lower alcohol drinks and cocktails all year round, with about one third of younger respondents in France, Germany, Tokyo and Canada – and one quarter of all respondents in the U.S. – looking to drink more of these serves in 2024.


"“The arrival of generation moderation has transformed cocktail menus. NoLo drinks are now the equal of classic cocktails in looks, quality and taste.”

Marine Rozenfeld
Head of Innovation, Western Europe, Bacardi

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