Anthem Blue Cross Enhances Health of Los Angeles Residents by Providing Access to Innovative Mobile Park Along L.A. River

Anthem Blue Cross Funding Will Support LA River Corp's Rio Vista Pop-Up Park
Dec 2, 2014 4:35 PM ET
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December 2, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The Los Angeles River is one of the last great underused and untapped public spaces in the region. To help address this issue, Anthem Blue Cross has partnered with CBS EcoMedia to support the LA River Corp’s Rio Vista Pop-Up Park that will make it easy for Angelenos to explore the L.A. River as an outdoor destination and greenway. ID Media, an Interpublic Group media agency, pinpointed the opportunity and guided the project to completion by integrating the program into Anthem Blue Cross’ media plan.

Anthem Blue Cross’ support will enhance the LA River Corp’s Rio Vista program which transforms neglected street ends along the 51-mile river into community assets. Funding will help implement a Rio Vista Pop-Up Park, a mobile trailer structure housing different park structures including benches, play equipment, native plants, and community art. The pop-up park will travel from one neighborhood to another where it will be able to transform a street corner into an active civic space.

"The Los Angeles River is the cornerstone to creating the vibrant and resilient region that we all want to live in,” said Omar Brownson, executive director, LA River Corp. “Anthem's support of the Río Vistas Pop-up Park promotes the L.A. River and the possibilities to improve public health and the attractiveness of Los Angeles' diverse communities as well as being a great example of cross-sector partnerships. Thoughtful planning and design that is centered around the neighborhoods next to the L.A. River ensures that we are building spaces that influence healthier and happier Angelenos."

To celebrate the profound impact that this project will have on the community, 15 Anthem Blue Cross employees helped paint a community mural with local students that will travel along with the mobile pop-up park. Hosts included Cynthia Clotzman, marketing director, Anthem Blue Cross; Omar Brownson, executive director, LA River Corp; Paul Polizzotto, president and founder, CBS EcoMedia, Beth Goldstein, vice president and director of media strategy, ID Media.

“Anthem Blue Cross’ funding of this pop-up Rio Vista will transform communities along the river and provide an active space for all Angelenos to enjoy,” said Polizzotto.

“As the media landscape shifts, we’re looking for opportunities for our clients’ media dollars to work harder while contributing to the community on a tangible, local level,” said Lynn Fantom, chairman and CEO of ID Media. “Anthem Blue Cross’ partnership with LA River Corp sets a precedent for how media campaigns must continue to evolve to be more charitable and impactful.”


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