Alaskan Salmon & Sodexo: A Long, Sustainable Partnership

Alaskan Salmon & Sodexo: A Long, Sustainable Partnership

Leader in Quality of Life Services has and continues to support Alaska's fishing industry

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Deborah Hecker is vice president, sustainability and corporate social responsibility for Sodexo.

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 5:00pm


The issue surrounding MSC ceritification and the purchase of Alaska Salmon by major retailers and food service leaders continues to be hotly debated. In her recently published blog to clarify Sodexo's  position, vice president of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Deborah Hecker writes:

At Sodexo, seafood sustainability is a top priority for each one of our 125,000 employees across North America.  

Recently there has been reporting and engagement regarding Sodexo and the Alaskan salmon industry and I want to offer some facts and insight to help clarify a few issues. 

Above all else, two things need to be clear. One is that we continue to collaborate with elected officials and stakeholder groups in efforts to support Alaska’s fishing industry. The second point that must be reinforced is that we have been consistent in our position on sourcing sustainable seafood, despite reports to the contrary.

To learn more about how Sodexo has and continues to purchase millions of pounds of Alaska seafood, including wild-caught salmon, read more.