Accountability Central Alert 3.29.11 - Commentary Not To Be Missed

Mar 31, 2011 6:15 PM ET

AC Alert for March 29, 2011 - Commentary Not To Be Missed

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The late radio newsman Paul Harvey was famous for his daily broadcasts relating to "the rest of the story." Here at AC, we think of our featured commentators as authors of "the rest of the story" for they also provide a unique perspective on events of importance. Take these recent commentaries for example:

“After many years in which public companies typically dreaded shareholder resolutions seeking advisory votes on executive compensation, Congress stepped in last July and made “say-on-pay” the norm. Granted, shareholder votes on these matters are advisory—you are not bound by the voting [results]—but tallies must be made public. Ignore overwhelming investor sentiment at your peril.” (Source: Commentator Lois Yurow)

“Citigroup, market cap $129 billion, plans to trim its 29 billion shares with a 1-for-10 reverse split... This behavior literally distorts itself. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, this trading market looks like a skein of yarn meeting a basketful of kittens. Citigroup is a broker-dealer. They know trading. And they’ve decided to reduce liquidity by 90% when conventional wisdom says preserve liquidity, like gold.” (Source: Tim Quast)

“Deborah Rogers raises a provocative challenge to the energy industry: It is a “…failed production model and ought to be exploited appropriately. I believe we have done this industry a disservice by exempting it from so many environmental laws that it has not kept up with modern technological standards in contrast to other manufacturing industries – which either got better at their production methods or faced attrition.” Rogers lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area, and brings a tough-minded analysis to the shale gas industry, based on her combined financial and business experience. Source: (Mike Benard)

These three excerpts taken from the pages of AC reflect the broad and diverse realm of commentary and opinion which we provide to our subscribers in addition to daily news and pertinent research. We believe the thought provoking ideas raised by our featured commentators enhance the quality of our platform. Our mission at AC includes providing informational resources to help leaders and readers build trust…do the right thing…for the right reasons…in the best possible ways. We strive to achieve that goal by combining the best elements of journalism and commentary. We are very proud of our featured commentators and their continued contributions. Here’s our current line-up:

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