#WomensHistoryMonth at Cox Enterprises: Get to Know Cathy Gunther

#WomensHistoryMonth at Cox Enterprises: Get to Know Cathy Gunther

Cathy Gunther is Cox Media Group Tulsa’s Vice President and General Manager of television
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Friday, March 10, 2017 - 9:05am


In celebration of Women's History Month, female leaders from across Cox Enterprises are sharing insights from their experience throughout the month of March. Cathy Gunther is Cox Media Group Tulsa’s vice president and general manager of television.

What women inspire you and why?
A large percentage of the women who inspire me have fought for equality in America in very different ways. There are many, but Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem and Sandra Day O’Connor stand out. Especially Sandra Day O’Connor, who worked her way into Stanford in 1946 when few women were accepted at that time and was later nominated as the first woman to the Supreme Court.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?
It is our jobs as managers to continue hiring, mentoring and supporting a diverse talent pool, especially early in a person’s career. Some hiring managers (both men and women) make incorrect assumptions about women and their life choices early in a woman’s career, whether it is about future aspirations of leadership or family plans. This excludes some women from leadership role consideration.

What will be the biggest challenge and opportunity for the generation of women behind you?
The challenge for women is moving into top management roles earlier in their careers. We need to encourage managers to look for and be aware of opportunities to place women in these roles, so our companies benefit from a diverse and new talent pool. When women advance, their leadership opportunities will advance as quickly as men, bringing balance to the corporation.

What are the best and worst decisions you've ever made?
One of the best decisions I have made is hiring and surrounding myself with talented individuals who want to learn and win. It is difficult to execute a vision and have tremendous success without a team of dedicated people who share your vision. Some of the worst decisions I’ve made are when I have not followed my instincts. I believe following your instincts is critical.

What is your perspective on work/life balance?
Balance is a constant challenge. We are dedicated individuals who get the job done, but, we are pulled in many directions. Today, more than ever, we need great creativity to solve our challenges ahead. It is our individual responsibility to get time away from our daily routines to ensure we are recharged and can appreciate our challenges from a fresh perspective. I get great ideas and solutions from activities away from the office.  

What career advice do you have for others?
Look up! Don’t get so focused on your daily routine that you do not see what is happening around you. What are the trends? Opportunities? Get involved and be inquisitive. We can learn so much from individuals right here in our own company.  

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