#WomensHistoryMonth at Cox Enterprises: Get to Know Amanda McCord

#WomensHistoryMonth at Cox Enterprises: Get to Know Amanda McCord

Amanda McCord is Cox Automotive Media Group’s Division Vice President of Sales
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Friday, March 3, 2017 - 9:20am


In celebration of Women's History Month, female leaders from across Cox Enterprises are sharing insights from their experience throughout the month of March. Amanda McCord is Cox Automotive Media Group’s Division Vice President of Sales.

What women inspire you and why?
Women who create and tackle opportunities with determination, equality and resiliency provide the greatest inspiration. It is this type of tenacity and work ethic that has paved the way for women in leadership today and enables us to create a better future for the women behind us. Growing up in a family of strong-willed, independent women taught me early on the value of taking something ordinary and looking for ways to do it in new and extraordinary ways. Being a woman in leadership is a rewarding privilege, and with that privilege comes a great sense of responsibility to pay it forward. I’m grateful so many have paid it forward for me and my daughters.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership? 
More women are in positions of greater influence and responsibility today than ever before. While the women before us opened doors for our generation, they didn’t necessarily leave us with a manual on how to balance all of life’s responsibilities, from leading teams and businesses, being a role model for our children, managing a household and finances, and creating time to grow personally and professionally. The weight can be overwhelming yet manageable to many. However, it seems to also create perceptions in the workplace that women must work harder to excel, that they may be less committed once starting a family, that we have too much on our plate to take on more or that if we say no today it means no forever. This perception fogs the lens in which some women view the world and ultimately can become a barrier for women to lead and live the way they need to. Billie Jean King said it best, “Pressure is a privilege - it only comes to those who earn it.”

What will be the biggest challenge and opportunity for the generation of women behind you? 
With the continued evolution and proliferation of technology comes the greatest opportunity and challenge for the next generation of women. Technology has created efficient ways for us to conduct business and manage our personal responsibilities, yet it’s also reduced the need for personal interactions. Being naturally compassionate and nurturing, women of the future must figure out ways to better leverage technology to create balance, while not sacrificing connections.

What are the best and worst decisions you've ever made?
Years ago, I had a leader who saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself- leadership. I was advised to take a frightening risk in my career during the toughest economic environment of our time. I look back at that fork in the road often and am reminded how rewarding the decision was to listen and believe in others even when I didn’t believe in myself. A bad decision is only bad if there isn’t a lesson to walk away with. If I had to choose a decision I once held regret for, it would be hiding my vulnerabilities from the rest of the world out of fear it would slow progress I was making in life or reduce the opportunities I had. Once I learned to open up, it strengthened my resolve and relationships.

What is your perspective on work/life balance?
I’m a huge proponent of work life integration for the choices it allows us to make versus boxing us into creating equal balance of all things. Work provides educational opportunities to learn and grow, as well as teach our children. Our personal experiences help us in the workplace be better leaders. Being able to integrate the two alleviates the need for one to be chosen over the other. Deciding what we can and can’t handle is well within our span of control. This integration forces a greater focus and prioritization, which in turn help us all get the most of what life has the offer.

What career advice do you have for others?

  • Pressure is a privilege - own and appreciate that!
  • Pick your battles as not all are created equally nor worth fighting.
  • Accept and appreciate adversity as strengthening opportunities, and don’t let it get in the way of our natural resiliency.
  • Put others first, always - getting others what they want first only means we get what we want after.

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