Unilever Taps Supply Chain for Smallholder Farmers

Unilever Taps Supply Chain for Smallholder Farmers

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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 10:15am


Leadership companies are looking at their supply chains not only as a conduit for goods and materials, but also an unbelievable asset to help drive social impact. From Coca-Cola's plan to transform its supply chain into a pipeline for medical supplies, to Boeing and South African Airways idea to repurpose tobacco farms to grow a jet fuel alternative, companies are finding supply chains can be leveraged in unexpected ways to solve complex global issues.

This month at the Clinton Global Initiative's Winter Meeting, Unilever partnered with Acumen and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership to announce the Enhanced Livelihoods Investment Initiative, a new $10 million commitment to support smallholder farmers. The three-year initiative seeks to boost economic growth in low-income communities in the developing world by linking small, primarily family-run farms with Unilever's global supply chain and distribution network.

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