Proving It: Delivering Results that Matter

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Proving It: Delivering Results that Matter

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Proving It: Delivering #CSR Results that Matter by @CraigBida via @Cone #ConeCSR

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Monday, February 4, 2013 - 10:15am

This week, Cone Communications EVP of Social Impact, Craig Bida, takes to Prove Your Purpose to talk about the new standard for CSR.

As CSR continues to expand and evolve — with corporations, nonprofits and government partnering in innovative ways to deliver positive societal impact — one thing is becoming increasingly clear: Results matter — now more than ever before.

As recent Cone Communications research shows, American consumers are now more than twice as likely to buy from companies that promote the results and progress of their CSR efforts. A full 40 percent of consumers state that they will not purchase a company's products or services if CSR results are not communicated.

This "prove it" mindset is becoming increasingly common now that CSR has become widespread. For perspective, more than 80 percent of today's Fortune 250 companies have a branded cause program as part of their broader CSR efforts. The expectation of a wide array of stakeholders, from business leaders, to investors, to the media, is that CSR needs to do more than just inspire; it must deliver real and substantive impact.

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