Organic Lavender from Northern California

Organic Lavender from Northern California

Sonoma Lavender is Pure Joy


This week spotlights an inspired and inspring endeavor -- Northern California's organic Sonoma Lavender. is proud to offer Sonoma Lavender products as promoting eco-consciousness.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 7:00pm


Lavender has been used for centuries in medicine and perfume, and early civilizations believed the fragrant purple flowers restored vitality. For Gary and Rebecca Rosenberg of Sonoma Lavender, the ancient plant is a means for reinvigoration and reinvention—one plant at a time.

Many urbanites dream of leaving the hustle and bustle behind for a quieter life in the country, but few actually fulfill the dream. Gary and Rebecca Rosenberg are two of the lucky ones. In 1998, they sold their San Francisco advertising agency and catalog company and moved to their property in Northern California’s Sonoma County, long known for great wine, tart apples, and other fine agricultural delicasies.

With a goal to be home with their two kids as much as possible, the Rosenbergs focused on what they could do with the land to provide a livelihood. Tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Mayacamas Mountain range, the Sonoma Valley mimics the elevation, climate and soil of the Mediterranean and provides ideal growing conditions. Many options were tossed around, including growing grapes and making wine, but they eventually settled on planting lavender.

More than ten years later, Sonoma Lavender grows and manufactures hundreds of lavender products and is the single largest provider of lavender products in the US. Even still, the company remains family-owned and operated in the true sense, working together to plant, tend, harvest and dry the crop each season on their five-acre farm.

We commend the Rosenberg Family for their natural, eco-friendly and "go local" approach.  Local artisans handcraft all of Sonoma Lavender’s products, which benefits the local economy and the environment by avoiding transport and outsourcing to keep the company’s environmental footprint small. The Rosenbergs also practice environmentally friendly growing and manufacturing techniques, and every product is grown, designed and made in Santa Rosa, California.

In keeping with their eco-friendly philosophy, Sonoma Lavender uses recycled cotton and organic ingredients whenever possible.  We particularly love the booties and wrap in the Natural Tranquility Spa Set, which are handcrafted from a remarkably breathable fabric woven from recycled yarns.  What a terrific way to keep an estimated 5 billion pounds of waste out of landfills! The naturally healthful lotions, gels and soy candles feature organic herbal blends and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Soothing ans spicy.

Used throughout history for its therapeutic balancing properties, lavender has shown to be energizing, calming and revitalizing. To celebrate the fragrant, magical plant, each June Rebecca and Gary open their farm, which is otherwise closed to the public, for the Sonoma Lavender Festival. The festival features lavender cooking demonstrations, farm tours, a barn store and a lavender day spa.

I salute Gary and Rebecca for the vision to have conceived a robust business based on natural products and the commitment to operate it in ways that give back to the community and respect the earth. Sonoma Lavender is truly an inspiring American Dream.