No Purchase Necessary: TOMS Exchanges Hashtags for Shoes

No Purchase Necessary: TOMS Exchanges Hashtags for Shoes

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No Purchase Necessary: @TOMS Exchanges Hashtags for Shoes via @Cone #causemarketing

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Monday, May 11, 2015 - 10:15am


One-for-one has been a popular way for companies to easily tie social impact to purchase. Brands like Warby Parker, Soapbox Soaps and Out of Print have used the buy-one, give-one concept to drive consumers to action and show just how easy it can be to support a worthy cause. Now, TOMS, a pioneer and leader in the one-for-one movement, is changing the game yet again.

This week TOMS announced its annual One Day Without Shoes campaign, asking consumers to go barefoot to raise awareness for what it's like to live without shoes. The brand is encouraging participants to share their shoeless experiences by posting photos of their bare feet on Instagram using the hashtag #withoutshoes. But this year's campaign will do more than just raise awareness. For every barefoot photo uploaded using the hashtag between May 5 and May 21, TOMS will donate a new pair of shoes to a child in need (up to one million pairs).

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