The Multiplier Effect

The Multiplier Effect

How pro bono is building the strength of communities around the globe

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"As we close out #PBW18, I ask us all to consider this: how can we be multipliers in our communities?" @TaprootFound President & CEO Lindsay Firestone Gruber reflects on #probono's exponential impact.
Friday, October 26, 2018 - 10:15am

CAMPAIGN: Pro Bono Week


By Lindsay Firestone Gruber, President & CEO of Taproot Foundation

The term “capacity-building” tends to be thrown around quite a bit in the nonprofit sector. And as jargon, it has the unfortunate fate of being pretty obscure outside of our sector—not to mention losing its meaning when overused within the field. But at the heart of it, nonprofit capacity-building is one of the most exciting and inspirational ways to support an issue. Quite simply, it’s about achieving a multiplier effect—creating more change in the world by helping to strengthen the organizations that are tackling society’s greatest challenges. At Taproot, we are driven by a strong belief in the exponential impact that can come from supporting nonprofits in this way.

Throughout the week, we’ve shared incredible stories of pro bono work—in all shapes and sizes—happening around the globe. From Danielle at Amal Alliance in New York City, we saw how quick but impactful consultation through our Speed Consulting event provided clarity as she prioritizes her organization’s complicated challenges. From Tad Kincade with Orphan Impact in Vietnam, we saw how a design-thinking session presented by skilled volunteers helped his organization’s leaders become more creative problem solvers. From Brian at Friends of Refugees in Clarskton, Georgia, we saw how an SEO project completed virtually by a skilled volunteer through Taproot+ helped the organization increase their volunteer and donor bases. All of these stories highlight the powerful multiplier effect of pro bono. I hope they’ve given you a new window into what’s possible when an organization receives the support they need.

Pro Bono Week is of course an important opportunity each year to shine a light on the impact of pro bono. But the work being done by strong nonprofits across the country won’t come to a halt at the end of #PBW18, and neither will we. Now more than ever, nonprofit organizations need our support. The critical issues facing our communities are mounting, and organizations need pro bono service to expand their capacity just to keep up with demand.

In 2019, Taproot will strive to ensure that organizations of every size, in communities across the country, and in diverse fields have access the pro bono support they need. As we close out this exceptional week, I ask us all to consider this—how can we be multipliers in our communities?


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