Is It Just Me, or Is Glenn Beck's New Political Correctness Pernicious?

Is It Just Me, or Is Glenn Beck's New Political Correctness Pernicious?

"Social Justice" as a Secret Code?

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Summary, an online, fair trade boutique, takes on the new, pernicious political correctness movement pushed by Glenn Beck around the term "social justice".

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 8:30am

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Social Justice has become a controversial notion. Glenn Beck instructs his viewers to run from churches that call for social justice. He also warns of other telltale phrases: "shred community", and "collective responsibility" -- all totalitarian tells, accroding to Mr. Beck.

And that's the subject of today's Is It Just Me . . .?

Is it just me, or is Mr. Beck pushing a pernicious new political correctness movement -- trying to rid our society of the very notions of social justice, community, and the common good?

Glenn Beck's neo-political correctness would stigmatize as Nazis and communist totalitarians anyone who uses "social justice", "shared community" and the like to describe a vision.

If we're going to throw out "social justice" and "shared community", we'd have to eliminate "common good" -- it screams of communism under Mr. Beck's "reasoning".

And we'd have to eliminate "common goals". No more "common decency". No more common sense.

But let's not eliminate any words simply because of their fraudulent use by Nazis or anyone. A Big Lie about "social justice" can't change the true and positive meaning of the term, any more than the fraudulent use of "fair and balanced" can change its real meaning. continues to promote social justice by offering wonderful gift items on a fair trade basis. We'll continue to say it. And we'll continue to resist this new, pernicious political correctness.

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Rob Favole
Elegant Roots