A Hero for Humanity Emerges

A Hero for Humanity Emerges

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A Hero for Humanity Emerges: @Cone's Lisa Manley speaks on the Pope's visit, humanity, #humanrights & #climatechange http://bit.ly/1WnlZNu
Friday, September 25, 2015 - 1:35pm


It's so rare today when a real person presents him or herself in an emotionally compelling way. We are experiencing it this very moment with the Pope's visit to the U.S. 

He pulled up to the White House in his tiny Fiat car with windows rolled down – just another nod to his desire to be closer to people, not protected from them.

I think this is a very special moment—where we're seeing a person who truly understands the values people hold dear and is willing to bring them to life with actions and messages that unite and inspire.

He's talking about lifting up people from every walk of life. Isn't it time?

Every life matters, and it's time to embrace and open our hearts, especially to people who are poor or disabled. We have inequalities in our society that are simply unethical. It is time for a person like Pope Francis to inspire us to care in ways we have never cared before. Simply put, this Pope gets it. He’s elevating the humanity and humility of people in need. They don't simply need our charity, they need our respect.

This Pope is talking about climate change. Not as a policy or a business strategy. He gets the reality of climate change. He sees how it is impacting people all around the world – the world he calls humanity’s “common home.” It's impacting the poorest among us first. It's impacting economies and communities’ abilities to grow and thrive.

Climate change is not a political issue or a religious issue, it is a human issue. And this Pope understands that.

It's time that we all take a moment to reflect upon the simple truths of the human existence. We all want to be seen. We all want to be heard. We all want to be recognized and respected.

It shouldn't be the Pope alone who offers this inspiration. If I can express a wish for the future, it's simply that we all take time in every day and every interaction to be a little more giving to people who have not been blessed with what many of us may have. It's time for all of us to reach out and embrace people who need a smile, a touch, a word of encouragement and it’s time for many more powerful leaders to help steward a future in which human rights come before all other aspirations.

This is a beautiful moment in time, but it shouldn't be an isolated one.

Lisa Manley, Executive Vice President, CSR Strategy, Cone Communications 


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