Harnessing Digital to Motivate for action/2015

Harnessing Digital to Motivate for action/2015

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.@Action2015 & One Direction Harness Digital to Motivate Fans for #ClimateChange & #Susty Action http://bit.ly/1IiZ3p2 via @Cone

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Monday, July 27, 2015 - 10:15am

Leading up to this year's UN General Assembly in September and UN Climate Change Conference in December, action/2015 has made a goal to ensure leaders set and fund ambitious goals to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues. To do this, the coalition of more than 1,600 organizations looks to amplify its voice by harnessing the power of both digital and celebrities to motivate the masses to action.

Action/2015 is leading a rallying cry for individuals to speak up for the change they want to see. "By raising our voices at key moments in 2015, we can fundamentally change how we tackle the world's biggest problems," states the action/2015 website. To accomplish this, and get younger audiences involved, action/2015 has turned to a musical act with a massive following, One Direction. The band kicked off its involvement with a video encouraging fans to tell world leaders what they want their world to look like in the future by uploading videos or pictures to the dedicated action/1D website. The site populates with a new call to action every few days, asking fans to "record" or "capture" various acts, such as switching off a light to show how small changes can go toward tackling climate change.

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