Green is our Fulfillment

Green is our Fulfillment

Elegant Roots Partners With Eco-Conscious Rapid fulfillment
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9 of 10 online shoppers make #eco choices. ElegantRoots with RapidFulfillment R committed 2 deliver gr8 #green #gifts


Ninety percent of online consumers make at least some green choices. At -- an online boutique offering eco-conscious and socially responsible fine gifts -- every gift item is a green choice. ElegRoo partners with Rapid Fulfillment for its distribution and fulfillment function. Rapid Fulfillment is committed to providing the most accurate and green distribution and fulfillment possible -- a complement to ElegRoo's commitment to providing an eco-conscious gift experience.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 4:00pm

At, we already knew our customers cared about the environment. Now we have some numbers that confirm. “Nine out of ten online consumers try to make at least some green choices.” And, “over 46% of online consumers are either completely green or try to be as green as possible.”  (Internet Retailer, March 2010).

Elegant Roots, at its core, in its concept and design -- its raison d'être -- is a commitment to environmental responsibility. Think of all the fuel burned in the process of brick-and-mortar gift shopping, selection, wrapping and shipping.

By contrast, our gift items remain in the distribution center until you've selected one online. Using our eco-friendly gift-wrap,  Rapid Fulfillment wraps it in the distribution center and ships from there directly to the address you have provided -- while you have made not a single trip to the mall and back home to wrap or to the post office to ship.

Our warehouse/wrapping/shipping function is performed by our valued partner, Rapid Fulfillment, a truly "green" partner that improves its environmental performance continuously.

Rapid Fulfillment, our distribution and fulfillment partner

•    Has converted to eco-friendly, bio-degradable, packaging air pillows.
•    Uses 100% recycled kraft paper fill.
•    Utilizes electric powered and pneumatic powered equipment that includes: forklifts, aisle reach trucks and sealing machines.

In addition, Rapid Fulfillment maintains above industry-standard order accuracy ratings.  On an everyday level, this equates to a lower percentage of returned orders which reduces the carbon footprint of shipping.

Elegant Roots is proud to partner with Rapid Fulfillment to minimize the environmental footprint of each Elegant Roots' gift -- fast, accurate and conscious fulfillment -- a corollary and complement to one of our core missions.



Rob Favole
Elegant Roots