Green Silver from Down Under

Green Silver from Down Under

Utopian Creations' Recycled Jewelry
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Utopian Creations founder Ben Manning is a rare mix of artisan and eco-serious citizen of the world. His South Australia workshop is committed to clever design and clean manufacturing techniques to produce beautiful jewelry collections that leave a zero footprint. Such committed green artisans should be supported in their fine art.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 5:15pm


Adelaide, birth place and home of Utopian Creations founder Ben Manning, sits in the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on earth—the perfect place to inspire progressive, sustainable lifestyles.  And, with its challenging environment and vibrant artistic community, Adelaide inspires Ben in many important ways. is pleased to offer his fine work among our green gift treasures..

After completing his Bachelors degree in Design with a jewelry specialty, Ben took his budding interest in sustainable living abroad.  He traveled for over two years, living in London and spending time in many other countries.  Everywhere he turned, he saw the negative environmental effects of careless human behaviors. Returning to Adelaide, Ben determined to live an eco-friendly personal and work life.  This responsible decision led Ben to experiment with sustainability within the jewelry industry. And, as the saying goes, “from little things big things grow.”   Ben's idea became a passion and soon Utopian Creations was born.

Ben approaches his Utopian Creations design and metal-smithing with the same philosophy he applies to his life, namely that "humans can and should live and work sustainably and in harmony with the planet."  Indeed, Ben's belief informs every aspect of Utopian Creations, from the recycled silver and rubber cord used in the jewelry to the rainwater collected in the office and studio.

As Ben points out, without strict self-regulation, even the simple art of jewelry-making can produce damaging waste that ends up in our rivers and soil. So Ben makes all of Utopian Creations’ jewelry and packaging from 99-100% recycled or organic animal-free products, which reduces the need for mining, pesticides and dangerous chemical waste.

Utopian Creations’ silver and rubber cord are “upcycled” from the refuse of the photographic, computing and telecommunications industries, which means less landfill, mining and refining. Ben also uses biodegradable, animal-free polishing compounds and organic cotton buffs instead of noxious chemicals and acids. And Ben designs each piece with sustainability in mind: only 30% of the company’s products contain solder joints, which increases the purity of the jewelry while providing a healthier work environment.

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