Green Gifts For the Five Types of Moms

Green Gifts For the Five Types of Moms

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Summary, a gift boutique offering design-forward creations promoting social justice and eco-consciousness,suggests cool gifts for Five Kinds of Moms.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 8:45am


What type of mom do you have? All mothers are unique and special, of course, but certain categories seem to fit most (if not all) moms. Luckily, Elegant Roots has gifts for every kind of mother out there — all eco-friendly and gentle to Mother Earth, and many of which support women artisans who make a living doing what they love. Because isn’t that what all moms want?

THE SUPERMOM — She organizes the Girl Scout cookie drive, writes a grant proposal, updates her blog, picks up the dry cleaning and gets the oil changed ... and then it's time for lunch. Then it's off to yoga and volunteering at the nursing home before coming home, bathing the dog and trying out a new recipe for coq au vin.

We’ve never met a Supermom who couldn’t use an amazing tote bag — she definitely has a ton of stuff to carry, and she wants to do it in style. Check out these lovely totes, all made from recycled, organic and/or eco-friendly materials: the handcrafted Ethiopian tote bag by the fantastic artisan’s collective Creative Women, or the handcrafted Cambodian silk tote by Green Gecko (with matching wallets available).

THE DOMESTIC DIVA — Mom’s home is her castle. Even if she’s traveled the far corners of the globe, she can’t wait to come back to her own little corner of the world. She’d far prefer to entertain at her house than go out, and she would say a home-cooked meal beats dining out by a mile.

Help her feather her nest with lovely, nontoxic, gentle-to-the-earth home decorations. She can store just about anything in these beautiful yet functional Zulu Iquoma canister baskets. They’re a fantastic storage solution: museum-quality, crafted from natural grasses by Zulu Master Weaver Lauentia Dlamini. Or, she can snuggle up under a gorgeous handcrafted mohair lap throw by Creative Women. When it’s not keeping her legs toasty, it’s a stunning complement to a room when draped over a chair or sofa.

THE C.E.O. MOM — She loves her work, she loves her family, and all her time and energy go into those two things. She puts on her “Mom Face” at the office every time she negotiates, mediates or delegates, and she brings her “Office Face” home whenever she has to organize, prioritize or show the kids who’s boss.

This mom would love an eco-friendly Blackstone Sustainable Wool Laptop/Messenger Bag. It’s sleek, chic and high-quality, and versatile enough to be used as everything from a laptop case or executive carry-all to an oversized purse or stylish diaper bag. Or, delight her with these yummy   aromatherapy soy-wax candles by Kokoro. Whether she’s unstressing at her desk or in her bathtub, she’ll love the soothing scents of the all-natural essential oils used in these award-winning candles.

THE ACTIVIST MOM — Wherever her beliefs lie, this mom is a fountain of information, facts, questions, and solutions. She’ll go door-to-door to gather signatures for a pet cause, walk or run miles for her favorite charity, or stuff envelopes for her preferred candidate. She’s aware of all the issues that might affect her or her family, and feels strongly that “change begins at home.”

This mom can jot down notes, lists, appointments, ideas or brilliant thoughts in an all-natural, made-in-the-USA handmade pewter/leather journal by Oberon. With different styles to fit her personality, these journals are as beautiful as they are useful. She’d also appreciate a sumptuous handmade organic cotton throw by Marcel Miller: eco-friendly and downy soft, it’s free of chemical dyes and perfect for sensitive skin or allergies — nothing but comfort.

THE HIP MOM — Her wardrobe is straight off the runways, and she can stand, dance or walk for hours in high heels. This Mom had the newest version of the iPod before you did, can talk knowledgeably about anything from politics to pop culture, and is constantly being mistaken for your sister or trendy aunt.

She’d love some of these unique recycled accessories that are as cool and different as she is: a gorgeously simple silver and recycled chardonnay bottle necklace by Smart Glass, or English Retread’s funky Reclaimed Rubber handbag.

We’re confident that Elegant Roots has something for every mom: all gift-wrapped beautifully (and free of charge) in eco-friendly packaging.