Carlsberg Group Sets Out Plan to Combat Irresponsible Drinking

Carlsberg Group Sets Out Plan to Combat Irresponsible Drinking

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.@CarlsbergGroup has an ambition of ZERO irresponsible drinking. Learn more: #TowardsZERO
Monday, July 31, 2017 - 8:30am

CAMPAIGN: Together Towards ZERO

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Beer can be enjoyed at many positive occasions, bringing people together. 

However, irresponsible drinking can turn those positive moments into problematic ones, which is why the Carlsberg Group’s vision for a better tomorrow is a society without irresponsible drinking. No drinking and driving. No underage drinking. Just moderate consumption and enjoyment.

In this area, Carlsberg focuses on choice and collaboration: providing options that help consumers make informed and responsible choices, and collaboration with partners who can help address and prevent alcohol-related harm.

Towards 2030, Carlsberg targets 100% of its markets to improve on responsible drinking every year, and by 2022, targets 100% availability of alcohol-free beer and 100% of packaging and brand activations to include responsible drinking messages.

Carlsberg Group targets


  • 100% of markets improve on responsible drinking year on year


  • 100% availability of alcohol-free beer (AFB) 
  • 100% responsible drinking messaging through packaging and brand activations
  • 100% of markets run partnerships to support responsible consumption

The targets are part of the Carlsberg Group’s new sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO – which states the brewer’s ambitions and targets towards 2022 and 2030.

Read more about Together Towards ZERO, here.