Purposeful Innovation

Purposeful Innovation

We invent breakthrough technologies that enable life-changing products and experiences.

We’re building on our legacy of technology leadership with 5G, which will serve as the technological foundation for connected cars, industrial IoT, smart homes and cities, networking, and mobility. Our Wireless Reach™ program broadens our impact by bringing advanced wireless technologies to underserved communities around the world, enriching the lives of over three million people while creating new markets for our business.



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Cristiano Amon at GSMA Thrive: 5G Is Essential to Building a More Resilient World [Video]
While we’ve been physically apart over the past few months, connectivity has kept us together in the ways that matter most. From healthcare and education to work and socializing, people across the globe are realizing the true potential for fast, secure, and reliable connectivity. For our industry, it’s never been clearer that what we’re doing is essential. That’s why we’re particularly...
Jul 31, 2020 10:00 AM ET
Transforming Telemedicine With XR [Podcast]
How we do almost everything is changing. The global pandemic is forcing us to reassess the way we work, learn, play, and care for ourselves, among other things. And increasingly, we’re looking to technology for solutions. Innovative technologies like XR, which were once considered “nice to haves,” are now being...
Jul 30, 2020 10:00 AM ET
How Qualcomm Ventures Companies Are Aiding the Fight Against COVID-19
Staying connected is more important than ever for all of us around the world, and in both our personal and professional lives. Enter wireless technology: It’s helping us keep in touch with friends and family, as well as work and learn remotely. It’s also supporting life-saving telemedicine and is instrumental in getting people food and other immediate resources. Even though we...
Jul 28, 2020 10:30 AM ET
Our New Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program — Helping Keep Companies Connected [Podcast]
We believe in the technology we produce. It’s one of the reasons we’re set up in a way that allows a large portion of our workforce to work from home productively. Many small businesses, which have been particularly hard hit by this pandemic, are not as fortunate. With the need for connectivity at an all-time high, we find ourselves in a unique position to help. In this episode, we...
Jul 24, 2020 10:00 AM ET
Molbio: Solving Healthcare Challenges With Bits and Bytes
Effective healthcare systems rely on a variety of testing and diagnostic tools to detect illnesses and provide the best possible outcomes for patients. One such tool is molecular diagnostics, a state-of-the-art practice that uses DNA for early diagnosis of disease infections. Traditionally, the practice of...
Jul 20, 2020 9:00 AM ET