How Virtual Reality for Teachers Can Improve Quality of Education

By Ellen Alarilla, SCR Program Manager
Jan 25, 2023 2:10 PM ET

Originally published by Ericsson

As someone who was born and raised in Manila, I still sometimes get surprised that it’s a place of striking contrasts: high-rise, high-tech skyscrapers built right next to lower-income communities; the sprawling campuses of international schools that sit within a stone’s throw of more humble public schools.

At Ericsson, we see the same contrast when it comes to access to digital connectivity, tools, and skills. It is easy to assume that most people have internet access. But the reality is that, according to the ITU’s latest State of Broadband report, an estimated 2.7 billion of us do not have access to that connectivity.

We kept this in mind when we were thinking about creating a virtual reality-based teacher training project for selected public-school teachers in Manila, as well as for teachers-in-training who are studying at the Philippine Normal University.

A part of Ericsson’s Connect To Learn initiative, the upskilling of teachers using VR is carried out alongside collaborators Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ and Smart Communications Inc. (Smart), as well as the Philippine Normal University and Muntinlupa Department of Education.

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