Merck | Diversity & Inclusion

Merck | Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success and core to future innovation. We foster a culture of inclusion and belonging where all employees feel welcomed and valued─a culture where we regard every individual as a source of competitive advantage in our larger mission of saving and improving lives.

  • We understand that true innovation is achieved not in a vacuum, but through the powerful intersection of ideas from employees across a range of diverse backgrounds: age, race, gender, ethnicity, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, religion, faith, and veteran and disability status
  • We motivate every employee whether working independently on a project, or participating collectively as a team to solve for the next great breakthrough in scientific advancement; they feel a deep sense of belonging, appreciation and value for the unique perspective they bring
  • We create an enterprise-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion: through our leaders who embody inclusion in how they manage teams to bring the very best ideas forward; through more than 10,000 employee business resource group members that build cultural awareness, share business insights and support talent, inclusion and corporate reputation goals; through educational programs and just-in-time tools to further the career advancement and managerial skills of employees, and through strategic partnerships to reinforce our ties and alliances to the external marketplace

It is with this focus and commitment that we uphold diversity and inclusion as core values and as essential to every aspect of our business. Through these we are able to successfully innovate, execute, adapt and grow. This, in turn, delivers intrinsic, long-term value to our patients, employees, customers and shareholders.

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Women's History Month - A Time to Reflect and Be Inspired
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Black History Month — a Time to Reflect and Celebrate at Merck
Diversity and inclusion are part of our rich history and fundamental to our future success. In celebration of Black History Month, we highlight employees who have made an impact on our past, present and future. Susan JenkinsSusan Jenkins began a long career at Merck in 1957 when she joined Merck Research Laboratories as one of its first female African...
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