Accelerate Change - Taproot Foundation's Hunger Initiative

Accelerate Change - Taproot Foundation's Hunger Initiative

For over 15 years, Taproot Foundation has helped to define, build, and advance the field of pro bono service around the globe. We've witnessed the transformative effect that pro bono service has on nonprofit organizations. And we know that human capital and professional expertise is an invaluable resource in addressing our society's most pressing challenges. In 2017, we are piloting Taproot Campaigns. A Campaign is a statement of our commitment to deepening the impact of pro bono service. Taproot's ACCELERATE CHANGE initiative is contributing to ending hunger and food insecurity by leveraging a person’s highest level skills to tackle one of the world’s largest problems. Learn more about Taproot's Campaigns here.

Content from this campaign

Fighting Hunger With Pro Bono, Part 1
September is Hunger Action Month. A month to take action, spread the word, and dedicate ourselves to ending hunger. In honor of this month, and as part of our hunger initiative--Accelerate Change--...
Sep 26, 2017 3:05 PM ET
The Sustainable Development Goals Turn Two: the Future of Pro Bono for Ending Hunger
Imagine if we created an early warning system for small scale farmers that helped mitigate the effects of slow-onset climate-related events? Or if we redesigned financial incentives and investments, allowing these farmers to better access capital, seeds, and equipment? It’s possible if we use our human capital. As a founding member of...
Sep 25, 2017 12:15 PM ET


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