Breaking Down Barriers to Health Care Access for Women and Children

Breaking Down Barriers to Health Care Access for Women and Children

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Learn how #PfizerFdn is breaking down barriers to #health access for underserved women & children
Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 11:30am

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For nearly 65 years, the Pfizer Foundation has been making important global health contributions around the world. This includes investments that support innovative approaches to breaking down barriers to health care access for women and children in low-resource communities, ultimately advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 for Gender Equality.

Through our Women and Children’s Health portfolio, the Pfizer Foundation provides grants to organizations to help improve access to immunization and family planning services. The portfolio includes initiatives to:

  • Improve immunization coverage for children in difficult-to-reach populations in Cambodia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Philippines, Uganda and Zambia. An example includes providing health workers with mobile technology to register children and help track vaccination schedules in real time
  • Launch pilot programs in Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Benin and Kenya that integrate immunization delivery and family planning services in an effort to improve access to information and care for women and children in the developing world

The Pfizer Foundation is also looking at ways to integrate care across the healthcare systems and find efficiencies in providing health care services for women and children. For example, in Malawi we are partnering with Save the Children to provide family planning at the same sites where women are bringing their children for vaccinations. 

Learn more about the Pfizer Foundation’s global health strategy:

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