Beermaker Carlsberg Zeroes In On Zero

Beermaker Carlsberg Zeroes In On Zero

by James Murray
Photo: Carlsberg

Photo: Carlsberg

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Beermaker @CarlsbergGroup zeroes in on zero via @GreenBiz #TowardsZERO
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 8:45am

CAMPAIGN: Together Towards ZERO

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The obvious way to start a feature about Carlsberg's sustainability strategy would be to jokingly refer to it as "probably the best sustainability strategy in the world." But could the advert-inspired hyperbole actually be justified?

That is the question prompted by a recently unveiled set of goals that promise to turn the global brewing giant into an organization with "zero carbon footprint, zero water waste, zero irresponsible drinking and a zero accidents culture." The ambitions are commendable and are backed by a host of specific medium and long-term targets, but are they achievable? Can a multinational with a complex supply chain and sites in 36 countries really eradicate its carbon footprint? Can one company convince populations around the world to give up irresponsible drinking for good?

Speaking to BusinessGreen, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, sustainability director at Carlsberg Group, is confident that despite their ambition the "Together Towards Zero" goals can be delivered, and as early as 2030. After all, this is not a plan that was simply thrown together after a few beers.

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