Genomics should be available to the many, not the few. It has the power to save lives and vastly improve the human condition. As the leader in genomics, we have the obligation to drive down the cost of sequencing, expand access to diagnostics technology, and increase the diversity of genomics data...
We are committed to integrating environmental stewardship into the way we operate. We recognize the importance of the environment in creating a healthy, sustainable future for all.
By sharing our time, talent, and technology, we aim to inspire, support, and empower our communities, our employees, and the next generation.
Harnessing the world’s best talent and giving them the opportunity to thrive allows us to make world-changing leaps in human health and beyond. Our aim is to embody a culture of care that is fueled by supporting one another, promoting collaboration, inspiring innovation, and fostering...
Our role as a genomics pioneer brings with it the responsibility to enable innovation for good, ensuring that the technology we create and the data we collect are used safely, ethically, and responsibly.



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