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Gildan is a leading apparel manufacturing company, with a strong portfolio of brands, including Gildan®, American Apparel®, Comfort Colors®, GOLDTOE®, and Peds®. With over three decades of developing global manufacturing expertise, Gildan is one of the world’s most efficient, ethical, and sustainable apparel manufacturers. Founded in Canada, Gildan operates out of roughly 30 locations in ten countries worldwide and sells its products in 60+ markets globally. Together with its 50,000 employees, Gildan operates with a proven commitment to industry-leading Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices throughout its supply chain in accordance with its comprehensive ESG program embedded in the Company's long-term business strategy. More about the Company on

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Conscious Consumption
Consumers today have a big role to play in Making Apparel Better. On average, people buy significantly more clothes today than any previous...

Making Apparel Better
We remain committed to driving continuous and sustainable growth by leveraging our vertical integration, operational scale, global reach, investments...

Meet the People Behind our Apparel
Sharing in a mission of creating value in everything we do, our 51,000 employees come together every day to achieve remarkable things. At Gildan, work...

Next Generation ESG
Gildan is pleased to unveil the Company’s Next Generation ESG strategy and future goals. Embedded in the Company’s new approach is a commitment to...

Manufacturing Unveiled
Gildan’s mini-series showcases the steps behind the making of their classic t-shirts

From Program to Possibility
For International Women’s Day, Gildan is honouring the spirit of this year’s theme, “An equal world is an enabled world”, with a mini-series that...

Home Grown: Supporting sustainably-grown US cotton
Do you know where the cotton in your t-shirt came from? We think consumers should be able to make informed choices by knowing what went into the...

Hear Her Story
Meet some of the strong women behind Gildan’s success. We believe every woman has a unique and inspiring story to tell. In our series ‘Hear Her Story’...


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