Conscious Consumption

Consumers today have a big role to play in Making Apparel Better. On average, people buy significantly more clothes today than any previous generations and have started to treat them as disposable goods, which make matters worse. On average, in North America, we send close to 80 pounds of clothing to landfill every year, which translates into more than 10.5 million tons. The choices consumers make have the ability to drive major change, not only with the brands but also in our own personal impacts. We need to change our habits by shifting away from seeing clothes as disposable items and make choices that recognize the embedded value in every garment we own and the impacts of our use during their entire life. Gildan invites you to join it on its journey by sharing your own tips on #MakingApparelBetter.

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Responsible Production & Consumption

[VIDEO] Giving Your Clothes a Second Life
The problem of apparel waste has become, with over 10.5 million tons dumped in landfills in North America every year. There are many statistics quoted on the matter, but leave it to say that the vast majority of what we get rid of ends up in landfills, some say as high as 80%.

As consumers we have an opportunity to help stem the flow of garments to landfill. The important thing is to avoid apparel waste by thinking of alternatives for your clothes before throwing them out. Learn more about how you can give them a second chance at life and join the conversation on #MakingApparelBetter. To view the entire Conscious Consumption campaign, visit the Genuine Responsbility site at

Responsible Production & Consumption

Love Your Clothes Longer
As a result of many factors, we are consuming more clothing than at any time in human history, over 100 billion garments annually. Compared to 15 years ago, consumers buy three times more garments every year and keep them half as long.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Building a Sustainable Wardrobe
Building a sustainable wardrobe may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Being a conscious consumer starts in your own closet. It requires thinking differently about what we have, what we buy and how we wear them. Being conscious about our buying choices means taking a moment to think about what clothing we buy and what we do with the clothes we already own. For a few ideas for creating a more sustainable wardrobe, watch the video. Join the conversation on #MakingApparelBetter.
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