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Ongoing research into innovative solutions enables CNH Industrial’s brands to manufacture products that respect the environment while satisfying customers’ demand for high performance and for reliable, safe, and comfortable vehicles with globally competitive operating costs. Efforts to...
CNH Industrial is stepping up its efforts in diversity and inclusion, which are vitally important to the Company goal of fostering an open and supportive culture. As is clear by the events taking place all over the world, there is much to be done on this front and we are committed to doing our part.
The principals of living and working in synergy with the communities in which we operate, as well as collaborating on projects that benefit those around us, are embedded in CNH Industrial’s DNA. They not only contribute to enhancing employee satisfaction (who often live close by) and their...
The new CNH Industrial continues on its longstanding path of excellence in sustainability, which is recognized by the foremost authorities. 
People are what make CNH Industrial. It is the talent, skill, effort and dedication of each and every employee in our 47,700 strong workforce that makes CNH Industrial what it is. We strongly believe that business growth is made possible through personal growth, and that is why we invest in...




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