Yum! Brands Food Safety and Quality: Upholding Trust

Sep 16, 2022 1:00 PM ET

As part of our Recipe for Good at Yum!, we’re continuing to focus on food safety and quality, evolving to consumer preferences and creating more transparency around animal welfare.

Maintaining food safety and quality are foundational to protecting customers and upholding their trust. Food safety is not a competitive advantage, but rather a public health imperative, and there is always room for us to improve. Throughout the challenges of the pandemic and beyond, we are proud of the work our food safety teams around the globe have done to ensure we’ve upheld our standards and protected guests. We attribute our success to consistent communication about — and leadership focus on — food safety.

Yum! food safety leaders are in constant conversation with our suppliers and franchisees through audits, conferences and other communications. We have end-to-end visibility of our global and local supply chain, including active management with each supplier to our rigorous standards. As a result of this close engagement, in 2021, Yum! achieved our highest level of supplier compliance and performance to date.

We also have a responsibility to be a good steward of the animals raised for food throughout our supply chain. Our approach is articulated in our Global Animal Welfare Policy and guided by our Sustainable Animal Protein Principles and the experts on our Animal Welfare Advisory Council. We also support the Five Freedoms for all animals used for food.

Highlights from our 2021 Recipe for Good Report

  • We added a risk-sensing tool to our food safety management system that gives us real-time visibility into potential food safety risks around the world.
  • Despite pandemic-related disruptions, in 2021, Yum! achieved our highest level of supplier compliance and performance to date.
  • We transitioned from annual to quarterly collection of animal welfare data from poultry suppliers, allowing us to better track and drive progress.
  • In 2021, we published a report on the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) landscape and continue to work with industry partners to make progress on this issue.

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