In Your Community: AT&T Pioneers Help The Wish Connection Make Children’s Wishes Come True!

By: Walt Adams
May 15, 2015 1:05 PM ET

In Your Community: AT&T Pioneers Help The Wish Connection Make Children’s Wishe…

Growing up, I was blessed with a healthy childhood but two close friends of mine were not as lucky. Many times I saw how their physical challenges hindered them from enjoying the same lifestyle as me. Seeing the challenges my friends and their families went thru to complete day to day activities, inspired me to help other children (and their families) overcome some of the same challenges.

Now, as the National AT&T Pioneers Projects & Programs Chair, I am honored and privileged to announce that the AT&T Pioneers are partnering with The Wish Connection this year. The Wish Connection is a nonprofit organization created in 2006 by AT&T employees dedicated to granting wishes to children with life-threatening or chronically-debilitating medical conditions. The scope of children eligible for this opportunity is broader than other wish granting organizations in the US. The Wish Connection is an ALL volunteer organization, still managed by AT&T employees, that requires little to no overhead to support its mission, allowing for maximum funds to be directed towards granting wishes and supporting children.

Currently, two AT&T Pioneers Chapters - Indiana and Alabama - are in the process of granting children’s wishes. Several other chapters and AT&T Employee Resource Groups, including the Women of AT&T, HACEMOS, CommunityNetwork, oxyGEN and LEAGUE, have added their support to the Pioneers and Wish Connection collaboration. The Wish Connection team offers financial support, program expertise and training for volunteers. In return, the Pioneers supply volunteer resources, host events and locate deserving children to make their wishes a reality.

What a win for everyone involved! The Wish Connection’s experience and resources coupled with the AT&T Pioneers’ volunteer footprint and passion to serve is a magical combination that grants wishes around every corner!