In Your Community: AT&T Answers Students’ Letters to “Help the Osprey”

In Your Community: AT&T Answers Students’ Letters to “Help the Osprey”

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 3:05pm



When AT&T received impassioned letters from second grade students at Kessler Elementary School in Helena, Montana asking for help with protecting ospreys that nest in their home town, the company knew it had to act. 

The ospreys were in danger from potentially harmful twine that was woven around their nest. Working with local Fish and Wildlife, an AT&T worker scaled 75 feet to remove twine from the nest. From across the street, the students who had written the letters watched through binoculars. The children were then able to watch the ospreys as they returned from their winter away to make a home in a now safer nest.  

“AT&T takes the presence of protected birds’ nests on our sites very seriously. We appreciate the efforts of the Kessler Elementary School students and area Fish & Wildlife to bring this nest to our attention,” said Tara Thue, AT&T’s Director of External Affairs for Montana. “Through coordination with Fish & Wildlife, we responded quickly and successfully removed the debris before the osprey returned.  We hope Mrs. Johnson’s impressive class of second graders continues to follow the birds as they return home to a safe nest this spring.”

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