World's Largest Predator Fish is in Danger

Volkswagen assists efforts to protect and conserve South Africa's endangered marine wildlife
Jun 1, 2015 10:00 AM ET

YouTube: Watch Volkswagen support marine biologists focusing on shark and penguin research

Although pop culture might suggest otherwise, encounters between people and great white sharks more often end badly for the fish. In fact, the great white shark is a threatened species. Traders brutally hunt the largest predator fish in the world, cut off their dorsal fins and sell them as a delicacy to customers in the Far East. Badly injured and cast back into the sea, the majestic animals are left to die in agony. The Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) in Gansbaai helps protect the great white shark and other endangered species like the African penguin or southern right whales. In addition, the DICT is committed to educate the public on South Africa's beautiful marine wildlife through its vast amount of research projects and by granting visitors the opportunity to meet the animals in person. This includes breathtaking but friendly face to face encounters with the great white shark.

Volkswagen's sponsorship provides the DICT the necessary means to continue its efforts in researching, protecting and conserving the astonishing marine wildlife of Dyer Island. A recent achievement born from this cooperation was the opening of the progressive "African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary" on February 26, 2015.