Why Work at Acre?

Jan 12, 2022 11:45 AM ET

By Grace Coleman

When Acre first opened the doors to its New York office three years ago, it had already been hailed a success in the UK, and now was the time to raise the bar for expansion. 

A recruitment company that operates globally and emphasizes that purpose is as important as profit is hard to come by. While most businesses place money-making aspirations at the forefront of all operations, Acre believes that while making a profit is crucial to corporate growth, sourcing the right people with the same values is key to further developing Acre’s vision for a greater impact.  ​

Just a small number of dedicated consultants were responsible for getting Acre’s US base up and running and despite the pandemic, the bustling New York office is going from strength to strength.   ​

The success is largely down to the people who work for Acre. Passion and diligence, combined with team spirit and utmost respect for the environment are vital when hiring the right people to join the team. Building up a strong rapport with clients – and maintaining that relationship – requires transparency, trust and ambition. 

And the good news is we are still hiring, to keep up with momentum as Acre continues to progress. Acre is looking for purpose-led individuals and real team players who can contribute towards a sustainable future by adding environmental and social value to the business. 

Three members of the Acre US team have been waxing lyrical about why they joined the market leader in sustainability and safety recruitment and the impact it has had on their career. 

“Why Acre?”  ​

I absolutely love when I get the opportunity to answer this question. I chose Acre and I believe one of the reasons Acre chose me, is because we both highly value emotional intelligence, living a life with integrity and good character, and diversity. With all that has happened in the last 20 months, Acre continues to understand that we are people first; parents, children, grandchildren, and significant others. The company consistently demonstrates compassion, while continuing to cultivate an environment that fosters growth and development, both personally and professionally. Joining Acre has been one of my most proud decisions.”  -Bailie Milton, Senior Consultant

"Almost a year ago I made the decision to say yes to a major career move with Acre. As I'd run my own business contracting to other sustainability recruitment firms for many years, it was a big decision to become an employee versus running my own business. I had liked the independence of gig work. However, from the beginning of the interview process I felt very comfortable with everyone I met at Acre, and felt like I was speaking with trusted, knowledgeable industry colleagues and friends. Reading the website's thought leadership and resources, I knew I would be with intelligent, experienced sustainability professionals. 

Most recruitment firms I'd interviewed with only wanted to know the list of clients I'd bring with me, the volume I could handle, and generally weren't too concerned about my values and participation in their culture. I felt that at Acre the commercial aspect was important, but so were my values and personal mission-- even more so! At Acre, we each lead with our values to change the world one hire at a time, to bring significant sustainability impact in all we do, treat each other with honesty and kindness, and to place diversity and inclusion into the front of the hiring process. We believe that our values and positive behaviours lead to commercial success. In addition, we participate in something called, The Alliance", where we partner with our supervisors for personal/professional goals in a transparent way. We develop engaging trainings and knowledge shares together, lead with curiosity about how we can do things better and lift each other up, and my team truly cares about each other. This is the first time I feel like I can bring my whole self to work. Plus, a big bonus is that our US team is a lot of fun to be with - both during work and after the workday is over."-Deborah Dols, Principal Consultant

"Joining Acre was my best professional move. It is not only about sharing the same values around collaboration, trust and integrity but also about having an impact on people's careers and on our planet."  -Dorothee Rambourg, Senior Consultant