When The World Shows-Up

by Ron Schultz
Jul 7, 2015 1:30 PM ET


When the world literally crumbles underfoot, and everything collapses into the dust, trapping and killing thousands, is your first instinct to say, “Thank goodness, that didn’t happen here!” Or let me travel halfway around the world to see how I might be able to help.

When the email arrived that Lina was about to get on a plane to fly to Nepal to bring her nursing skills to the dying and injured, the choice seemed unbelievable, at first. As her meditation instructor, I was expected to bring her back to her practice. But here she was, unhesitatingly, taking her practice directly into the rubble and applying it with the enlightenment of a guru.

Once on the ground in Nepal, the tragedy demanded nothing but attention, focus, compassion, gentleness, intelligence, and fearlessness. All those things we discussed that emerged while sitting on the cushion, were now going into the world with extraordinary impact.

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Ron Schultz is the founder and President of Entrepreneurs4Change, working with green and social innovators, veterans,  and marginalized communities providing entrepreneurial education, access to funding and capital, and ongoing nurturing and support for the businesses once they are operating.