3BL CSRwire is a dedicated, real-time source for sharing major news and updates focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Whether your organization is a global brand sharing its impact with stakeholders, a mid-sized company just getting started on its purpose journey or a nonprofit promoting a new initiative, CSRwire’s a-la-carte press release distribution offers an affordable, effective solution for organizations looking to distribute CSR- and sustainability-focused content to journalists, bloggers, business executives, investors, academia and other key stakeholders.

Once published, a press release uploaded to CSRwire gains instant visibility across a network consisting of 1.5 million unique annual visitors to CSRwire.com, 65,000+ social media followers and 25,000+ email newsletter subscribers. CSRwire is able to achieve this level of influence by harnessing the unparalleled reach of 3BL Media’s global distribution network.

3BL Media delivers purpose-driven communications for the world’s leading companies. Through targeted distribution to a largest-of-its-kind network of stakeholders, multimedia promotion and hands-on learning experiences, 3BL Media and its family of products helps companies achieve their environmental, social and governance communications goals.


Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Milton Friedman is often quoted as claiming that the only business of business is profit: “There is one and only one social responsibility of business...

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CSRwire Talkback Series invites leaders of today and tomorrow to share challenges, learning, opinion and stories of success with our wide community of...

CSR / Sustainability Communications and Reporting
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Sustainable Finance on CSRwire
CSRwire shines the spotlight on the convergence of sustainability and finance including, green bonds, carbon pricing, impact investing, integrated...
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