Volkswagen Group Makes Production Ergonomics a High Priority

How Europe's largest automaker is keeping employees fit and healthy
Jul 9, 2015 11:00 AM ET

The vehicles of the Volkswagen Group owe their perfection to the people who build them. Hence, the Group's twelve brands – ranging from MAN and Scania to Porsche and Bugatti – share an approach to health management which goes well beyond traditional preventive health care and occupational safety. For instance, the Volkswagen Group's integrated approach also includes aspects such as work organization, health promotion, rehabilitation and ergonomics.

The latter is particularly important to Volkswagen Group as production ergonomics play a crucial part in keeping employees fit and healthy throughout their working lives. While ergonomic work stations provide optimal working conditions, technical aids facilitate the work of employees and promote favorable postures. This results not only in higher employee satisfaction but also in greater productivity. Some of the best ideas for ergonomic developments came from the employees themselves.

For more on Volkswagen Group's approach to health management you may read the automaker's most recent sustainability report, which is available online at