Tupperware Provides Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs in Frontier Markets

Feb 4, 2014 11:05 AM ET

Original post by Yolanda Londono on U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

By Yolanda Londono, Vice President, Global Social Responsibility, Tupperware Brands Corporation

Women play a vital role in powering the global economy—and providing women and girls with opportunities to gain confidence and achieve economic and social empowerment is critical for success. For more than 60 years, Tupperware Brands has been at the forefront of providing women the confidence, tools, and entrepreneurial skills they need to build thriving businesses and improve their lives, which in turn improves the lives of those around them. Tupperware believes in enlightening, educating, and empowering women, both in its global sales force and in the communities it serves.

One of those key communities is Mexico, where Tupperware Brands operates two successful businesses: Tupperware Mexico and Fuller Cosmetics. Together, these two businesses have a sales force of more than 700,000 strong.

To quantify the economic and social impact of the “Tupperware Effect”—that a business model of training and recognition leads to the empowerment of women that lifts an entire society—the company commissioned a research study of its sales force in Mexico.

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