Toward Context-Based Reporting Webinar

Toward Context-Based Reporting Webinar

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 4:15pm

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As the measurement  of corporate sustainability matures to become more commonplace, stakeholders are beginning to ask, "Are these new metrics really measuring true sustainability?" The emerging answer is, "only when applied in proper context." We'll present the state of the art in Context-Based Sustainability, followed by a dialogue on Autodesk's open-source methodology for calculating science-based carbon targets and Q&A, with an opportunity for listeners to send in their questions.

  • Judy Sandford, Sr. Strategist, Sustainability Communications
  • Bill Baue, Co-founder, Sustainability Context Group
  • Emma Stewart, Head of Sustainability Solutions, Autodesk

When it comes to measuring true sustainability, putting performance data and goals in the context of planetary boundaries and social foundations is the leading edge of CSR reporting.

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