Timberland Employees Worldwide Give Back for 19th Annual Serv-a-Palooza

Timberland Employees Worldwide Give Back for 19th Annual Serv-a-Palooza

Timberland employees in Switzerland supported 60 children at Casa Primavera, a home for children who cannot stay with their families. Volunteers completed some urban greening projects in the front of the building, created a beautiful indoor garden and cleared out the house for more storage space. Employees also renovated a playground for the kids to enjoy.

Employees from Timberland’s Bangladesh headquarters donated their time to The Needy Foundation, a nonprofit social welfare organization. Volunteers first cleared off an entire beach with a thorough cleanup, and then planted nearly 500 trees that will not only improve overall quality of life, but will largely help to protect the future of the community from natural disasters.

In honor of World Sight Day on October 13, Timberland joined forces with a team of eye experts and Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity to provide vision impairment aid in the Dominican Republic. Employees volunteered to treat and prevent vision impairment at the Cometas de Esperanza school community.

Timberland employees spent a day weeding and removing invasive species from ponds at the Albe Eco Farm in North Taiwan. Albe Eco Farm is a large habitat for frogs and other small animals that are endangered by herbicides as a result of harmful business practices.

In Chiayi City of South Taiwan, employees revitalized an elementary school community that was previously devastated by an earthquake. Volunteers spent their time clearing 500 meters of trails, removed invasive plants and made signs to educate and encourage visitors to enjoy the park responsibly.

Timberland’s Malaysia employees supported the Food Aid Foundation. Volunteers spent the day completing various urban greening projects to build a sustainable and edible vegetable farm for one of the largest orphanage communities in the region. The event helped to reduce the burden of living costs for raising more than 200 underprivileged children.

Employees at Timberland’s International Design Center in London spent their day revitalizing The Selby Centre. The volunteers built a new community seating area outside and completed urban greening projects such as planting nine trees around the space, graffiti removal and various cleaning projects. The event supported over 100 local grassroots organizations providing services such as a local foodbank, domestic violence support, adult education, migrant support and youth outreach.

A total of 49 Timberland employees from Italy spent 392 hours completing projects for organizations that support disabled and sick children, families struggling financially, sustainable gardening and overall community empowerment. Pictured above, volunteers spent the day at Bulwell Forest Garden, a food growing community that encourages and teaches low income families to grow their own food.

Friday, December 2, 2016 - 10:00am

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Each year global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland kicks off its Serv-a-palooza event to inspire employees around the world to take part in community service as a way to reinforce the brand’s longstanding commitment to protecting and restoring the outdoors and supporting the communities where it lives and operates. For the Stratham, New Hampshire-based company, 2016 marked its 19th consecutive year celebrating Serv-a-palooza. This year, more than 1,500 Timberland employees and partners have signed up and started to participate in 50 planned service events currently happening around the world and continuing through Q1 of 2017.

“Timberland employees thrive on the company’s culture that allows them to volunteer in their communities,” said Atlanta McIlwraith, Timberland’s senior manager of community engagement and communications. “By giving employees the freedom to volunteer for causes that they are passionate about, Timberland has in turn fostered enthusiasm and increased employee satisfaction.”

Take a look at how employees participated in this year’s Serv-a-palooza by clicking through the slideshow, and learn more about Timberland’s support of the communities around the globe where its employees and consumers live, work and explore by visiting: https://www.timberland.com/responsibility/product.html.