Three Quality of Lifehacks for Incorporating Fitness Into Your Workday

By: Quality of Lifehacks
Oct 2, 2017 1:15 PM ET
Businesswoman stretching arms at work to relieve muscle tension.

Three Quality of Lifehacks for Incorporating Fitness into your Workday

As the weather starts to cool and we start seeing less sun each day, encouraging yourself to work out before or after work becomes harder and harder.

But we know that incorporating physical activity into your day is crucial to good health. Two new studies suggest that aiming for 15,000 steps a day can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to The authors of the study estimated that taking 15,000 steps is equivalent to 3.5 hours of walking a day, an unlikely target for people who work between eight to ten hours at the office.

So how can those of us who work in an office stay fit while at work? Here are three simple changes to incorporate into your work week.

Work some exercise into your commute

Fitness can begin before you enter the office. When commuting to work, consider walking to the train station, riding your bike or parking a mile away from the office. Small changes like walking up the escalator instead of riding up can help incorporate a few extra steps into your day. Is your office on the third floor? Consider taking the stairs.

Take walks during your break

Taking a walking break during the day not only increases your productivity but will allow you to get much needed time away from your desk and computer. Whether you walk to the coffee shop or around the block, aiming for a 20-minute walk will allow you to stretch your legs and get your body moving.

If you have a printer that is located on the opposite side of the office, consider sending your materials there instead of using the printer closest to your desk.

Use a standing desk

Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk can help keep your body moving. While sitting down, avoid hunching in your seat and periodically stretch your neck, hands and arms. If you are standing, stretch your legs and consider walking in place for 10 to 20 minutes. Walking in place will help you get closer to the goal of 15,000 steps a day.

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