Is there a Future for Traditional Office Space?

Jul 2, 2015 10:25 AM ET

Jason Richards

Vice President, Energy & Construction Services, Sodexo

The nature of business is evolving. Our interconnected, technology-driven world yields new philosophies on how and where work gets done. This flexibility questions the effectiveness of traditional office spaces and presents an opportunity to rethink the work environment.

New workplace strategies are leading redevelopments in office design. Companies are realizing that the traditional office layout needs to be modified to match how people work. Forward-thinking organizations are designing spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but also incorporate practices that enhance employee well-being.  These aesthetic modifications raise morale and increase productivity which translates to better performance for the organization.

According to “Destination Collaboration: The Future of Work,” Oxford Properties predicts a multi-functional space that accommodates different types of tasks, worker preferences and the nature of the business. Integrating these core drivers into the office of the future can positively impact productivity, creativity, and culture to improve the quality of life.

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