Taproot Foundation Announces Partnership with #GivingTuesday Campaign this Pro Bono Week 2013

Taproot Foundation Announces Partnership with #GivingTuesday Campaign this Pro Bono Week 2013

Let Taproot and #GivingTuesday help you give what you're good at this holiday season

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 2:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Pro Bono Week 2013

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October 22, 2013 /3BL Media/ - What would your favorite nonprofit organization look like if it had access to the same services and resources as a for-profit company? Could support in marketing, finance, HR, or strategic planning come in handy? In case you didn’t know, it’s Pro Bono Week 2013! Pro Bono Week is a global campaign that celebrates and activates pro bono service across all professions, recognizing the thousands of people who volunteer their expertise. Pro Bono Week highlights the pro bono ethic across all professions that use their talents to make a difference.

More likely, you have heard of #GivingTuesday (#GT). Only one year old, the social impact campaign saw huge success in its inaugural run, having engaged more than 2,500 nonprofit organizations and driven over 50% more contributions that the Tuesday following Thanksgiving the year before, with the average gift about 25% higher.

This year, Taproot is partnering with #GivingTuesday to ensure that this great campaign also helps facilitate the donation of pro bono services that nonprofits need to be as effective as possible. Since 2001, pro bono service has emerged as one of the most viable and critical pillars of support for nonprofit organizations seeking to maximize their organizational effectiveness.  

Taproot and #GT are working together to show you how to give what it is that you’re good at, so talented professionals – who  are looking for ways to give, but may not have very deep pockets –  have the opportunity to make an impact.

So what can you do? Sign up to be a pro bono consultant with Taproot. Or be an advocate for pro bono consulting in your field: design? marketingITmanagement?  HR? Join a nonprofit board? Take the pro bono pledge. Or share ideas for how your company or university can leverage your talents for maximum social impact.

Need an easier win? Help advocate. Just this week, change your LinkedIn profile picture to the Pro Bono Week Button.  Join the social media campaign using #PBW13 and share your favorite pro bono stories. Check out the Pro Bono Week 2013 Press Room for news, updates, and the announcement of the 2013 Pro Bono Hall of Fame cohort – and send us your nominations for next year on Twitter!

About Taproot

Since 2001, Taproot Foundation has proven that pro bono service is a viable and reliable tool for strengthening nonprofit organizations. Today, Taproot continues to lead nationally by acting locally, and seeks to build a pro bono marketplace that, like philanthropy, is large, accessible, professional and transparent. By taking lessons learned from our award-winning Service Grant Program and applying them to our innovative new program areas, we work to stimulate the supply of pro bono resources through our corporate Advisory Services practice, as well as demand for these services by giving nonprofits the tools and training that sets them up for successful pro bono engagements. Our work has evolved to include thought leadership and international field-building, convening global leaders in the social sector to guide the design and direction of the pro bono movement while focusing on infusing a pro bono ethic into business professions, professional schools, companies and nonprofits in communities across the country and around the world. Visit www.taprootfoundation.org to learn more.

About Pro Bono Service

Pro bono--short for pro bono publico, "for the public good"—refers to professional services delivered without expectation of a fee to organizations serving the social good. It is both a form of support for community organizations as well as an increasingly core part of the ethic of business professionals from design to HR and technology, who believe that high-quality professional services are too important to only be available to those who can afford them.


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