Weekly Highlights - May 19, 2011

May 20, 2011 2:00 PM ET Weekly Highlights - May 19, 2011


Business leaders and managers are being challenged by the rising expectations of stockholders and stakeholder with regard to the corporate performance in the areas of ESG (environmental, social issue and governance) performance.  Peers and competitors are increasingly setting the pace for industries and sectors as they create and implement sustainability and corporate responsibility strategies and actions.

Who cares about this?  Asset owners and asset managers looking at investments through the ESG/Sustainability lens.  And third party stakeholders who are setting the pace in ESG research, standard setting (for industries), media, issue advocates…and others watching the corporate sector.

Our team is watching the watchers for you.  We bring you news, commentary and research in key areas of interest for both investors and asset managers -- and for corporate boards, executives and managers.  As Sustainability and ESG frameworks are adopted by more investors, the capital markets are determining winners, laggards and losers.   Track the trends, the news, updates, the important developments – makeSustainability HQ™ your headquarters for ESG knowledge management.

ESG / Sustainability

3 Sustainability Lessons from the Ceres Conference 
(Source: GreenBiz)  The Ceres-ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) North American Awards for Sustainability Reporting went to Nike for Best Sustainability Report, followed by first runner-up American Electric Power (AEP). Anvil Knitwear, a small, private B2B-focused apparel manufacturer, was recognized for best first-time report and SAP AG recognized for innovative use of web and social media. While the awards alone might not be big news, the story behind them reveals some great advice for companies at the beginning of the sustainability journey. Associated Profiles : Ceres

Despite Shareholder Vote, Coke Keeping Bisphenol A 
(Source: International Business Times)  Since roughly 2007, conflicting reports have been featured in the news calling it both safe and a health risk. BPA is an estrogen-mimicking chemical found primarily in plastics; but it has also been found in the adhesives in can linings — in direct contact with food and drink.  Facing pressure from shareholders, Coca-Cola recently voted on a shareholder resolution to remove BPA from can linings. One in four shareholders voted to approve the resolution — about 26%.  Associated Profiles : As You Sow 

Japan Disaster Boost for Green Energy   
(Resource: CRI  The nuclear disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March has led many to question the safety of nuclear power. Japan itself recently announced plans to close its third biggest nuclear plant in Shizuoka prefecture following concerns it could be vulnerable to a future earthquake. The new uncertainty over the safety of nuclear power has led many to look for alternative sources of energy. And, as CRI's Dominic Swire finds out, the renewable energy sector is likely to benefit. Associated Profiles :Bloomberg New Energy Finance 

US companies less likely to assure sustainability data  
(Source: Global  Companies in the US are less likely to have their sustainability performance data checked than those in other countries, according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Figures from the GRI Reports List published today (Wednesday 11 May 2011), alongside GRI’s Year in Review 2009/10, suggest that the proportion of GRI sustainability reports from the US being assured is 66 percent lower than the global average. Associated Profiles : UN - Global Reporting Initiative GRI

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