Weekly Highlights July 22, 2014 Weekly Highlights July 22, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 1:15 PM ET Weekly Highlights July 22, 2014

Top Story of the Week
Companies Don't Care Anymore That You Don't Care Anymore About This Sustainability Thing
(Tuesday - July 15, 2014)
Source: Bloomberg - It kind of doesn't matter to serious companies that some people still dismiss corporate sustainability as empty green PR. “It kind of doesn't matter," Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said in an interview last month. "We do it because it's...

Sustainability in Focus

Why sustainability requires leadership training
(Friday - July 18, 2014)
Source: GreenBiz - Sustainability is now firmly on the radar screen of business. Along with their ongoing focus on economic issues, two-thirds of executives and managers now consider social and environmental issues as significant or very...

Harness these forces to transform your sustainability practices
(Thursday - July 17, 2014)
Source: GreenBiz - Sustainability is no ordinary change-management challenge. An entire economic system is in transition. That’s why forces beyond the ordinary are so badly needed. Over the past two years, while doing research for my new book...

Private equity has room for growth on sustainability
(Thursday - July 17, 2014)
Source: GreenBiz - A few weeks ago, I moderated a panel on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration in private equity at the Responsible Investor Europe Conference in London. This panel, and other discussions, highlighted the lack...

Beyond Green Teams: Raising the bar on corporate sustainability
(Wednesday - July 16, 2014)
Source: BizJournal - In recent months we’ve seen an uptick in businesses owning up to what their sustainability initiatives really mean for their customers, and the answer is resounding: Nothing tangible. Says the customer: Where’s the value for me?

Building toward sustainable, resilient cities in 2050
(Wednesday - July 16, 2014) Associated Profiles : World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Source: Green Biz - That is the simple but powerful Vision 2050 that the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, or WBCSD, has for the future of humanity. There is no doubt that sustainable cities...

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